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“My mind and body are in perfect sync.” #21DMC :) Day 3 Perfect Health

So often we ignore messages from our body. Today’s meditation challenge introduces Ayurvedic doshas and the Anja (Third Eye) Chakra.

How can you tune in today to the connection between your mind and body? I’ll be online for work a few hours continuously today. I’m going to have to focus a little bit more on what my body needs tonight.

  • How much should I sleep?
  • What should I eat and drink?
  • Where is my tension?

Enjoy Deepak’s meditation below to bring this mind body union to your life today.

Today’s Centering Thought: My mind and body are in perfect sync.

Our Sanskrit mantra: Sham, Sham, Sham Repeating “Sham” awakens the third eye chakra, your intuition

via “My mind and body are in perfect sync.” 21-Day Meditation Challenge 🙂 Day 3 Perfect Health.

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reflection from day 2 of #meditation challenge: balance is in your team’s true nature ॐ

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via Speak mindfully.

It’s the second day of Deepak and Oprah’s 21 Day Meditation Challenge and today we are invited to find openness to the outside world by looking more closely at the universe inside.

Today’s Centering Thought: Balance is my true nature.

Our Sanskrit mantra: Yum, Yum, Yum Repeating “Yum” enlivens the heart chakra

I enjoyed this meditation. It opened my heart and gave me time to reflect on finding balance as it relates to the ‘highest self’ and ‘perfect health.’ If gratitude is the food of the heart, passion is the drink. I loved how Deepak incorporated the concepts of drive, instinct and Ayurveda.

As a self-called eduyogi, my intention is to celebrate the connections between mindfulness and learning so I can better be in ‘perfect health’ – in tune with the most auspicious possibilities for my path and my service, in work and life.

Balance is a concept that can be hard to find in institutions, organizations, teams and … even yoga classes!

Here’s a tweet that gave me an opportunity to reflect on finding balance (opening the heart chakra) of your organization or team.


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Om Bhavam Namah, my thoughts on Day 1 of @deepakchopra’s 21 day #meditation challenge

21-Day Meditation Challenge - Perfect Health

I am absolute existence. I am a field of all possibilities

via 21-Day Meditation Challenge – Perfect Health.

The thoughts we have about ourselves can be limiting. We commonly accept ideas about our selves from static moments in time; snapshots – not even close to the reality of possibilities in the present.

By going inward to a place of perfect health – to our ‘best self’ – where disease, pain and suffering cannot exist we can find a space to see beyond previous assumptions.

By being present with this space, where possibilities are endless, we invite the mind to find balance and peace in the present moment.

To make a commitment to truly considering the field of all possibilities, go inside this space on your next meditation. You’ll return to your day more connected to the bigger picture of your relationships, your work, and your health remembering that you are not a snapshot of yourself in time. You are a vibrant evolving human in tune with peace and happiness in your life.

What reflections did your meditation bring you today? You might enjoy Deepak’s 21 day challenge if you (like me) benefit from social goals and support.

Have a beautiful day!

via Om Bhavam Namah.


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